Responsible Blogging



Legal Guidelines for Bloggers


        We’ve been seeing issues every day about bloggers getting in trouble because of what they post. We can’t avoid it since our technology is in higher degree already. Even simple post can ruin your image and can be used as a weapon against you.

         Bloggers are like journalists and other publishers because there are times that they publish information that other people don’t want it to be in public. For example, you published something that can be considered as defamation, republish information under copyright, or write a post which contains details about crimes involving candidates for public office.

        The important part about blogging is no one should stop you from blogging. Freedom of speech is the foundation of democracy and internet bullies shouldn’t use the laws to stifle lawful free expressions.

         This means that bloggers are also one of the sources of information in this world. We can discover and know new things by means of them. Blogging is a responsibility. You must be responsible in publishing your post so that it can ruin any one’s image, especially you. Someone may file a case against you also. Blogging is good because it is helpful to internet citizens but it can harm you too. Freedom of speech is a right of every person; bloggers are people so therefore they have the right to express their selves freely.


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