Playing a ” Jack stone “

I tell a little cute story, to what happen in my whole day today at school…

when me and my 6 classmates are already done eating our lunch meal at mini restaurant near in our school. One of my classmates and her name is “PAYE”, she get something in her bag then we all see what that thing we start to laughing, because she bought a “jack stone”. And she tell us that she wants to play a “jack stone”.. and she ask, who wants to play a “jack stone” with me? and all of us wants to join to play “jack stone”..

When we are already in our room we start to open the air-con and the electric-fan in our room, then we place the chairs in the side so that we have a place to play a “jack stone” game.. all of us is knows how to play this game, when the game is starting i tell them that there’s many rules in that game… i said them “no lahat lahat” but they not follow, but when it’s my turn to play the game … they say “no lahat lahat” and i start smiling, co’z they say my rules is like in the Olympics because theirs many rules to do. So that they try to destruct me so that i loose my turn. When i’m already destructed i loose my turn.. when every time one of us are starting to play the game, we make a silly and naughty things to destruct my classmate who is playing the game. So that she/he loose their turns in the game…

Until our professor also our dean in college of Information Technology is already there in our room, all of us don’t want to stop playing “jack stone” because it’s so fun, we are like an elementary students who really love playing that game.. But we have no choice, we have to start our lesson in “ethics” subject, because this coming Friday is our Final Exam already so that we need to listen to our professor.

When the class is already finish, we continue the game, but two of our classmates is going home because there are so tired. so that me and my three classmates who continue the game… but now we have an agreement when there are three first finish playing the game 1-10 is the winners, and the one who not won she/he need past by under in our legs. So that we need to wide open our legs so that the looser can past by under in our legs..

i’m lucky co’z i’m one of the three winners, my classmate named “Claide” is unlucky because he loose in the game so that he need to past by under in our legs. After that we start to go home, co’z all of us is already tired by laughing, teasing and destructing our co-player while playing the game… and before we going outside of the school, my classmate told that i need to practice playing “Jack Stone” co’z tomorrow we have a tournament to that game…we are not still recover by playing “jack stone” game, co’z tomorrow we still playing that game until we are already tired by repeating playing “Jack Stone”…


That’s all Thank you for reading my story!!! :* :* :*


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